Helping the elderly of Bethlehem to face the challenges of daily living

No pension. No support. No care. No hope.

These words accurately describe the reality for many of the elderly people living in Bethlehem today.

The vulnerable elderly suffer in silence because their plight is not sufficiently dramatic to attract the world’s media. They are not news but their need remains great. These people towards the end of their lives have no pensions; no support; no care; and a for great many there is no hope.

Thousands of elderly people living in Bethlehem today, are in that situation. The lack of care is described as a CRISIS.

There is a temporary day centre which caters for women. It relies on international support but even with that support it is limited in its ability to provide care. It has recently extended its care to 37 women. There are currently no care facilities for men.

We want to make that Care Centre permanent so that the services it provides can be extended.


Meet Mary...

She’s 94 years old, has no children and never been married. She is in poor health and finds it difficult to walk. Despite this she raised her nephew’s own 2 sons.


Meet Samir...

He is 68 years old and has been a university lecturer. He has suffered health problems. He now lives alone. He has no income and his brother and family try to provide for his food and medicines.

Where your money goes...

The Hallam Bethlehem Fund aims to raise an initial £250,000 to purchase an identified piece of land on which to build a permanent Day Centre.

This centre will provide essential accommodation for the care of the needy and elderly in Bethlehem (The Holy Land) and within which their temporal and spiritual care will also be met.

The financial target is modest but the impact, when successful, will be monumental and long lasting. Please help.

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