Helping the elderly of Bethlehem to face the challenges of daily living

You can donate to The Hallam (Bethlehem) Fund securely in any of the following ways…

If you would like to donate in any of the following ways please click as indicated to show the forms required which can then be printed:
  • By banker’s order or a single payment by cheque – click here.
  • By transfer via internet banking – click here.
  • For a Gift Aid form – click here.

Donation via a bequest.

You can also make a donation by way of a bequest and this can be either on your death or as a lifetime gift, both of which are exempt (at the time of writing 14 June 2015) from Inheritance Tax. We attach a draft wording below which will cover most eventualities but we strongly recommend that you discuss any such proposal with your solicitor or legal adviser.  Homemade wills and legal documents of this nature can cause problems at a later date.

Draft wording:

I give to The Hallam (Bethlehem) Fund of 37 Conalan Avenue, Bradway, Sheffield S17 4PG, Registered Charity Number 1158406 the sum of ………………………/a percentage of my estate/ the net residuary estate and I declare that the receipt of the Treasurer or other proper officer of The Hallam (Bethlehem) Fund shall be a good and sufficient discharge of my Executors/Trustees in respect of this donation.

With your help we aim to raise an initial


This will enable us to purchase an identified piece of land on which to build a permanent Day Centre. This centre will provide accommodation for the care of the needy and elderly in Bethlehem (The Holy Land) and within which their temporal and spiritual care will also be met.
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Any donations large or small are gratefully received.